Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trends in Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles Sydney

bathroom tiles Sydney
Bathroom Tiles Sydney
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As with all new tile manufacture, trends dictate the directions manufactures take when developing new lines. They must develop and evolve there product range not only to meet these demands but also differentiate there product from other manufacturers and the market.
One major area that manufacturers are pursuing is the imitation of natural stone. In bathrooms natural stone is commonly used, but unfortunately most clients are not aware or willing to properly take care of the product. In most cases it requires maintenance and vigilance on the part of the owner. It is not always a fit and forget material. This new high quality imitation of stone gives clients the natural look with the properties of a manufactured material.
The latest digital print technology is allowing European tile manufacturers imitate natural products to and amazing degree. Like natural stone, each tile is an individual design that may not repeat for many many metres. Also the pixilation of the print is so high that even close up it is hard to tell the difference. But the huge advantage to the consumer is the reduced maintenance and high durability.

Glazed wall and floor porcelain tiles are practically maintenance free. It does not absorb, requires no sealing, and is hard wearing. It can also be manufactured in numerous formats and also differing finishes. Formats up to 1200x600 are now coming onto the market and on display at Kalafrana Ceramics. Bathroom wall and floor tile combinations are produced. This coupled with the digital print takes the imitation of natural products to a level never seen before.
We are seeing tiles that look like highly polished marble, honed travertine, slate, and limestone. Also the costs are beneficial to the client. A high quality European porcelain tile would retail for 50-80% the cost of most natural stone (will this can wildly vary depending on the stone)
Our bathroom designer Daniela regularly suggests these materials for clients after a natural material look. The movement in the pattern of the stone look also tends to hide and marking or build up of grime over time, unlike a plain tile that shows everything.
Its important clients know exactly the pros and cons of the materials they select. Bathrooms are in constant use and a key room in the home. They must be distinctive, functional and require as little maintenance as possible.

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