Thursday, July 5, 2018

Patterned Floor and Wall Tiles from Kalafrana Ceramics Sydney

Artisan Inspired Floor Tiles

Sydney Bathroom Tiles
Classic Blue Patterned Tiles

Tiles Sydney Pattern Encaustic
Black and White Floor Sydney

Sydney Tiles Spanish Moroccan
Spanish Tiles as a Feature Wall
Vintage Patterns in Floor tiles

These Spanish patterned floor and wall tiles have the look of Classic Encuastic tiles but without the maintenance.  This range of glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles are a cost effective and hard wearing alternative to the cement tiles.  Some lines are a pristine look, while others have a varied  realistic vintage patina varying for tile to tile.  All on display at our Sydney Tile Showroom.
Bathroom Pattern Pink Tiles Sydney Australia
Bathroom Tiles Pink Pattern

Monday, January 16, 2017

Large Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

large floor tiles Sydney Big sizes
Kalafrana Ceramics Sydney
Amazing new large size wall and floor tiles are coming onto the market.  Here is an example of a Spanish 907x907mm glazed porcelain floor tile with 27sqm of unique prints.  With such sizes and unique detail from tile to tile...its hard to tell the difference.  The major advantages being that it is a hard wearing, uv and water proof, cost effective and maintenance free alternative. This big tiles coming in concrete look, polished marble, limestone finishes just to name a few.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blue Patterned Floor Tiles Sydney

Just in from the Italian Tile Fair....

Two new lines as displayed at the Bologna 2016 Tile Fair.  Simple geometric patterns based on blue tones.  These glazed porcelain Spanish floor tiles require no sealing or ongoing maintenance like the encaustic tiles they replica.  They are also more cost effective to lay and purchase in the first place.  We will be expecting our first stock in early December 2016.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Timber Look Floor Tiles

timber look floor tiles Sydney


Looking for a hard wearing maintenance free alternative to timber floors?

These "Digital" print glazed porcelain floor tiles allow for each range to have a multiple of various prints (some up to over 60 prints) - enhancing the natural look. It is important that the eye sees a variation in shade and tone as well as just grain. You want people to think its timber, not a tile that tries to look like wood - "The authenticity is in the detail". This does reflect in the price as the less expensive tiles do look rather fake. We can import tiles from Spain for well under $30sqm like other importers do. But we don't..they just look to fake. Our Spanish wood look floor tiles start from $78sqm. We always suggest to our clients to look around and compare and you will see the difference.

These timber look floor tiles are available in rectangular formats starting from 900mm up to 1800mm long. A number of the timber look tiles also come in a slip resistant finish. This new texture free technology adds no visible texture to the tiles and no loss of the digital print detail.

They are importantly an environmentally friendly tile flooring solution. Only natural clays are used, and then fired in natural gas kilns in production of these floor tiles.

As the Timber Look porcelain floor tile range are fired products, they are hard wearing, require no sealing or ongoing up keep. Making them perfect for domestic or commercial applications. Matching grout colours are used to further enhance the look. Clients are amazed how real they look, even on touch they still are surprised when told they are tiles.

All our European wood look floor tiles are on display at our Sydney Tile showroom.



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Porcelain Tiles with the Look of Stone

porcelain tiles Sydney
Here is another example of digital printing technology and tiles.  These Spanish porcelain tiles have to look of Limestone without all the hassles.  Unlike the real stone, glazed tiles are extremely hard wearing and do not absorb.  This eliminates the need to seal the material....which in itself is no 100% guarantee of totally eliminating staining of the material.  Also with digital printing we have various frames or pictures.  So like the real stone not every piece is the same, adding to that natural look.Why have the hassles when such authentic looking tile possibilities are available...
These tiles are now on display at our Sydney Tile Showroom.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Porcelain Floor Tiles Sydney

Looking for the latest Floor Tiles in Sydney?

At Kalafrana Ceramics Sydney Tiles showroom, we take our time to make sure that clients are fully aware of all the pros and cons of their choice of floor tile. Floors can be classified as glazed and vitrified porcelain, with either a matt, honed or polished finish.  Floors tiles can be one of the most misunderstood products on the market.  There are different formats, textures, glazes and materials to choose from.
Timber Wood Tiles Sydney
Kalafrana Ceramics

Glazed tiles can come with either a clay/ceramic body or a porcelain body with a hard wearing coating applied to it.  These tiles are durable, require no ongoing maintenance or sealing, easy to clean, greater scope in design and look.  The latest High Definition Inkjet Print Technology from Italy and Spain that allows for remarkable copies of natural and manufactured materials. The variation form tile to tile and the small pixilation of the print make it hard to separate from the real thing.....and without the maintenance.  

stone travertine tiles Sydney
Kalafrana Ceramics


For example - Travertine look floor tiles without the hassles , amazing faux concrete look tiles where the aggregate can be seen with up to 70 variations from tile to tile. The possibilities are staggering when it comes to tiles.

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